Article Submission Services

What is Article Submission Services?

    Surfers are constantly seeking information on topics of interest to them. Well-written articles promoting your website, products or services, or simply offering expert advice relating to your business or industry, are an accepted way to boost website traffic.

Why is article submission so important?

    Article submission is so important because major search engines are always changing their SERP algorithms. Latest changes have introduced new Link Standards. Now search engines have further tightened the standards for links to be qualified as quality links. It’s not the definition of ‘quality links’ it’s the ‘standards used to measure the quality links’ that has been further scaled up. New standards require a link to be-

  • EthicalYour links should not be sourced from link directories/ link farms as they are known. It is important that all the in-bound links to your website are sourced from ethical sources. Using underhand techniques is frowned upon by search engines.
  • Relevant- When Search Engines measure the quality of your link, the website on which that link is placed is very crucial. Your link should always be placed on relevant websites, which are related to your business. Placing your link on irrelevant website, with no connection, merely to increase number of inbound links is looked down by search engines.
  • Natural- Every link should be natural, and form a natural extension of your site. Such links even if few score over numerous un-natural and un-relevant links.

Advantage of Article Submission Services:

  • Article submissions build natural and ethical links for your website
  • Well written and informative article :
    • Helps establish your business as a credible and authoritative leader in its field
    • Provides relevant information to surfers/ potential customers and makes them more likely to do business with you
    • Have very high probability of being republished and get you many more free backlinks, from the website reprinting them
    • Good quality articles prompt discussion in online forum’s, thus generating more buzz for your business and increasing your visibility
    • Helpful articles are loved by on-and-all. Great articles are linked to by bloggers and other websites. This will generate innumerable inward links for your website. This will translate into better SERP’s
  • Article submission is quite inexpensive and easy way to build ‘one-way‘ links
  • Search engines rate links from content-rich pages very high and this will add up to help you achieve much higher SERP’s
  • Links generated from article submission are permanent, and they will get you good amount of traffic forever

What we provide:


Our article experts begin with holding a meeting with you to better understand your business, and chart out the broad areas on which articles will be written for your business.

Step 2:

Next our researchers determine the relevant keywords for your business, by conducting a thorough study of your area of business

Step 3:

Once the keywords are determined our content writers incorporate these keywords to write meaningful articles (or they may be written by you). They introduce these keywords naturally in well-researched articles professionally written to establish you as a valued authority in your field or industry. Content is proof read for:

  • Right keyword density
  • Content quality in terms of research and persuasiveness
  • Content tone and structure so that it projects the best of your business
  • Relevance of the content to the target audience
  • Effectiveness of the content at enticing the target audience to visit your website

Step 4:

After the articles are written next step is submitting them. Our experts are continuously researching and updating the databank of our ‘article directories and forums’ which includes only the best; to provide maximum visibility to your article. Each article directory has its own set standards to qualify a specific article for publishing.

  • We create a new email ID for your website, and create your account with all relevant details with each of the selected Article directories.
  • We manually submit each article written for your website to the specific niche directories that have high PR in major search engines which would boost your ranking in the search results.
  • Your articles are submitted to leading e-zines/ directories and forums, with links to your website

Step 5:

  • The articles submitted by us, will generate high quality incoming links to your website, and you can rest assured that these links will provide a definite boost to your website’s search engine ranking.
  • The articles we create for you stringently adhrer to our article creation guidelines which state:
    • Thorough Research
    • No duplication of content
    • Well structured article
    • No copyright infringement

    Our focus is to ensure that your reader gets what he is looking for; a qualitative piece of information, which is par excellence; and creates a outstanding impression for your business.

    Manual article submission is indeed a very time consuming and daunting task for you to submit articles online related to your website to various article submission directories.

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