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Link Sources – Directories, RSS feed, Comments, PR, Affiliates, Bookmarking, Forum Links

All web masters are constantly looking for ways to build links for their websites. The question now is where do these links come from and how can you acquire quality links from several sources? Knowing your many options when it comes to link building can help you come up with the best backlinks that will make your SEO ad campaign a success. There are many sources of links such as RSS feeds, directories, forum links, comments as well as bookmarking. It is best to learn about each of these for your best knowledge about link building.

Links from RSS Feeds

Basically, each blog contains an RSS feed and it is also a fact that a large number of websites are connected to blogs with feeds. So, if your website contains an RSS feed you can have the best chance to create backlinks easily through RSS submission.

Essentially, what happens is that you can have a fresh dedicated web page every time to submit feed directory. You can make use of this page to link to your site home page or to link these to other blogs. Since this may present risks such as being tagged as spam, it is highly important to choose quality RSS feed directories to submit to.

Popular Link Directories

Although some web masters may look under the benefits of online directories in building links, these directories can contribute a lot as long as you settle with huge directories such as Yahoo, Buzzle and Open Directory.

With these directories, you can get several listings and choosing from the many attractive options can have the greatest potential to bring massive traffic to your site. In short, directories serve as propagation for other websites that are searching for a place to put their relevant links.

Comments and Forums

In essence, forums and blogs can be excellent sources of quality links. Posting comments on other websites can be a brilliant way to create backlinks. Your aim here is to look for forums as well as blogs that do not support no-follow tags. No-follow tag is absolutely not a negative for your backlinks but it cannot provide much help compared to standard links.

Links Through Social Bookmarking and Affiliates

Bookmarking is another great source of backlinks and it operates through social bookmarking. Since humans are naturally social beings, it is just practical to make use of social media as a tool for link building. This type of tool is capable of handling and storing sites and pages. It works by collecting and storing links of desired websites so that they can be found easily.

Basically, social media sites provide web feeds that are incorporated to bookmarks which is just the right way to build links through tag groups. Hence, being social means letting other to take a peek at your bookmarks and tagging can raise the number of visitors who will be able to view the web pages. This may be more advantageous to blog linking due to the emerging power of social media.

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