My friend had created a blog and now he wants to promote it; this spruced me up to finally get down on writing a blog post about a few basic steps that every blogger can undertake for free to boost their blog traffic.


Write, Write & Write – if you want people to come & read your blog post you need to have lots of content in your blog. A very simple example; would you like to visit a shop which has got few t-shirts or you will prefer a shop where you can get lots of variety to choose your t-shirt. Choice is yours give your visitor chance to choose what the want to read. Have lots of variety; categories your blog into different topics and give them catchy titles so that visitors prefer to open it & read. Now what do I mean by lot of content; well that choice is yours as how many page views you need but I would say you need to update your blog at least once a week. Make it a plan that every Sunday you will give 3 hrs to research & write a post or you can write it even when you are traveling or waiting for someone.

While writing a blog post you need to make sure you have a target audience and find out the keywords which that audience might search to reach to your blog, now while writing your post simply use those keywords in your post title & content. This will help search engine to find your blog & rank it for the targeted audience.

How you write a post; that also matters so its always good if you use headings and bullets and always use some images that improve the beauty & look of your post.

Sharing of your Content – Just writing content for your blog doesn’t end the story you may have the best t-shirts in your store but until you share it with the audience out there they will not visit it. Yes you need to share it on social bookmarking sites; social-networking sites and submit your blog feed to blog directories. Use twitter, Technorati,, Reddit, Digg & StumbleUpon to share your blog post. Make a habit of doing 20 blog submissions a day that’s sufficient. This will help in reaching out to the targeted audience.

Invite Guest Blogger – who is asking you to write everyday; you can invite couple of guest bloggers and they would love to post on your blog. You can easily find the list of guest bloggers on Google or even you can ask your friends or peers to write a post on the related topics.

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