to-blog-or-not-to-blogBlogging is quite savvy, but extremely tiring and requires tremendous patience. Before you commence on the much traveled road of blogging, here are some little that you should pay attention to. These are common principle that are applicable to all blog’s irrespective of whatever maybe your target audience or blog theme.

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1. Content: Is of course the crux of your blog. So make sure it’s perfect.

a) You need to take care that what you write is well researched and original. Where required quote your fellow bloggers if you have referenced their blog for your post.

b) Outright copying is not acceptable ethically and can hurt your reputation in long run.

c) Identify and develop your core area of expertise.

d) Ensure that your presentation is in line with your target audience. When writing for a younger audience you might want to follow more casual and fun language, whereas when writing for business target audience you will have to ensure formal language with proper usage of terminologies as required.

e) Have clarity of thought when writing. Your reader needs to be able to get in one reading what exactly you are trying to convey.

2. Define and understand your Target Audience:

a) What is the age/gender profile of your target audience? If you are writings’ for kids, you need to have lots of engaging colors and pictures on your blog. If your audience is male dominated your blog should reflect bold colors and similar theme; and your writing should stay clear of the more feminine words.

b) What is the occupation profile on your Target audience? If you are focusing on homemakers then you might want to adjust your post timings and RSS feed schedule to be at late afternoon or early evening. While if you are looking at office goers you might want to post on weekends and talk a bit about how life at workplace goes.

The more you understand you target audience the better your blog will reflect their thinking and ideologies and this will result in more and more of your target audience flocking to your blog.

3. Rome was not built in a Day:Patience is a virtue and it has been rightly said for bloggers. It takes time effort and dedication to build your reader base and to get your first and subsequent reader interactions. You blog needs to have a strong central theme and you need to have a strict posting schedule that your follow rigorously, that’s the key to any successful blog.

regular blogging4. Some Blog SEO basics: It’s the age of selling, you might have e the best blog in town, but heck if people don’t know that your blog exists, how will they ever visit it?? So what does it take to get known and noticed? It takes application of few basic SEO techniques. These will ensure that your blog gets some visibility and generates few followers.

a) If you are an individual blogger it is better that you either get a basic SEO course for yourself (especially if you want to make some money or maybe you are frustrated that nobody is visiting you).

b) If you don’t want to spend money on it than there are many sites that tell you about SEO and what can one do with it. But you would of course need to apply your own discretion and it could turn out to be tiring. Tiring, because you are not a professional SEO so you do not require most of what is on the kept on the Internet platter.

c)      If you are a Company than it is better to ask a SEO firm to help you with optimizing your blog. Do not underestimate the power of blog. It’s a powerful tool to build customer engagement.

5. Interact: Your followers take out time to read your post and offer their opinion/suggestion, ask question or maybe just to appreciate your post. Make sure you are responding to each of their comments. Your audience deserves to be appreciated too for taking out time to comment on your piece of work. So never forget to thank them for their comments/ suggestions.

Keep a lookout for more Blogging tips. Meanwhile you can have a look at our Blogger Basic presentation, to do some basic SEO of your blog. Happy Blogging!!