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I will be frank, long winded SEO post are not my cup of tea. I am more of a ‘to the point’ writer. So although this post might look long its a really quick read. First step of any new blog post is conducting Keyword research for the same. You have a broad topic in mind, but narrowing it down to find the right keywords which:

  • most relevant to the post which you are going to write

                                          and also 

  • which has minimum level of competition.

becomes a herculean task at times. It is essential to have the right Keyword research tools in your repertoire for such times. Here I am going to share with you some Free keyword research tool and also some paid keyword analysis tool which will help you augment your keyword research process and can help you gain more traffic for your site or blog.

As a blogger you always look for such opportunities where there is less competition so that you can write a blog post on such good traffic keywords. The below keyword analysis tools will help you in doing the proper keyword research.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Number 1: –

Keyword Research Tool is Google AdWords Keyword Tool –

Best part of Google keyword tool is that it’s a free tool and it is one of the best keyword research tools available on the planet. To use this free keyword suggestion tool all you need is a Gmail ID through which can you log into your Google adwords account and then you can start using this free keyword research tool. All you need to input is some of keywords you have in mind and using these as base Google keyword tool will suggest you many keywords which are searched online and which can be potential keywords for you.


adwords keyword tool


Number 2: –

Keyword Analysis Tool is Google Trends –

Google Trends is a great keyword analysis tool; with the help of Google trends you can check the trend of the keywords over a period of time and at specific geographic location; basically this keyword analysis tool helps you visualize the search trend over time for the keyword you have chosen to target. It’s a free tool which works quite well.


google trends keyword tool


Number 3:

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool is Google Search Autofill –

Anyone who ever used Google has used this keyword suggestion tool; if you direct your attention to the Google search box, while typing any keyword, you notice Google suggests you various popular searches related to the keyword or phrase you are typing; that is nothing but Google search auto fill keyword tool. Use this wisely and in matter of minutes you will know whats the popular keyword/key-phrase that your target audience is looking at.


Google autofill searchbox keyword suggestion tool


Number 4: –

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool is Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of my favorite free keyword suggestion tool, it gives you so many suggestion which are really useful and these long tail suggestions give you a great base for your keyword research; having collected all the data from Ubersuggest you can use that in various other keyword research tools and refine your search to get the best keywords for your web pages.


ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool

Number 5: –

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool is Soovle

Soovle, is one of the Best & Free keyword suggestion tools which gives you suggestions from various sites at one place: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia and a couple others. It gives you the popular searches happening on various above mentioned networks. I strongly recommend using Soovle & Ubersuggest in any keyword research you do.


soovle keyword suggestion tool

Paid Keyword Research Tools:

Number 1: –

Paid Keyword Suggestion Tool is Market Samurai

Market Samurai is paid keyword research tool;I have been using this tool from quite some time and I think it’s a value for money tool. It gives you lot of keyword suggestion plus it also checks the keyword’s potential for you within a fraction of time. It does all the calculation for you and provides you the best recommended keywords. It also has a functionality where you can check the SEO competition for a particular keyword and it also displays for you the chance to rank for it. Market Samurai has various other functionalities you can check it in detail at its site link given below.

Link: Market Samurai

keywords analysis tool-marketsamurai


Number 2: –

Paid Keyword Analysis Tool is Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is another Paid keyword research tool; similar to Market Samurai; I have not tried it but you can try as it comes with a 10 day free trail.

Link: Long Tail Pro



You can also look at various other paid keyword analysis tools mentioned below –

To summarize this you may choose to use any one or a combination of Keyword Research tools, but always remember to make sure that your selected keywords pass the muster by being:

  • Relevant
  • Moderately Competitive
  • Commercially Viable

Hope you found this post useful; please share this post with others and add your comments below.

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