The Panda update is not only about how many websites lost their rankings and so forth. There are winners too which are benefited much from the update. Here are some steps to follow that will make you a winner.

  • Nothing beats “unique content” in SEO. Create great contents and make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines.panda update
  • As according to the page layout algorithm, which reduces rankings for sites that don’t make much content available “above the fold”, make sure the mentioned point is noted.
  • Ensure that the right words are on the page, not just industry jargon that normal people will never type.
  • More content, include a spell checker to avoid spelling mistakes as much as possible, especially on the ‘write a review’ page.
  • Focus on creating high quality sites that create a good user experience.
  • Make sure Google’s existing quality guidelines are met.
  • Make individual pages more accessible and easier to find through effective optimization technique.
  • Aviod techniques that don’t benefit users, where the intent is to look for shortcuts or loopholes, keyword stuffing, link schemes, etc.
  • Start working on the high bounce rate pages; edit, delete, add. Note this, in just an overnight, the highest bounce rate section of the website can be made to become the lowest!
  • One of the most effective step is to start a mobile website. To get the best from it, create a full-featured mobile website. This of course brings the benefits of higher conversion rates, reduce the bounce rate and time on site for mobile visitors.
  • Remember, the goals are to increase the time on site, reduce the bounce rate and increase the pages per visit.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, make sure your site provides a great user experience and fulfill their information needs. And you may enjoy the results more than you expected.
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