In the last post we looked at the basics of Collaborative Search, now let’s look at how to get Facebook and Twitter working for your Digital Presence.


Let’s start with Facebook

facebook-web-seo-servicesFacebook undoubtedly is the Big Brother here (because of the largest number of subscribers). Prior to it we had only the Search Engines and it was only when FB came into being that the Content began to be shared and evolve progressively. It truly became a two sided thing when people could not just find content but also share it among their groups of friends.

  1. So what you do is that you use FB to drive natural search value and you use the Search Engine to increase your FB worth or popularity.One of the cool things about FB is the Bing Facebook Bonus. Now if you are really active user you would be listed and ranked higher in the Bing’s Search Engine. It is as easy as it sounds. Both of the complementing the other.
  2. Complete profile. Not because you want to increase your SEO ranking but because you need to give the people some quality information about yourself and your company.
  3. Next, you need to claim your brand name. That is you need to make yourself a page on FB, than make it popular so that people start to recognise it. And if it gets particular amount of likes than you would be listed on Search Engine as well. Before somebody else claims that name and makes it popular you do it.
  4. You need to have all kinds of sharing buttons.Of course the standard sharing button on FB is cool too. Basic reason: because people make use of or have accounts at various websites and they might share it there.
  5. Next is the Link Customization option. Now when you are sharing something on FB it automatically grabs a caption and a snippet. Maybe this caption or snippet is not that interactive or just not that catch or worse it does not represent and connect to your brand. Well it is simple just customize it.You can add you own caption and your own snippet to it. And besides if the link gets scrapped from Facebook than that Caption would be the link back to your site.  How come? Because it would be the keyword that people will remember and associate with your brand or product.
  6. You need to use clean and short urls. One of the disadvantages of using FB is that it redirects in such a way that you cannot employ trackbacks. So it is better if your urls are short without any additional variables to aid you in trackback. Besides short urls are much more attractive and get more clicks than the long and complicated ones. It might not have a direct value for your site but it will help in building a brand image and popularising.
  7. And most importantly you should be responding, engaging and seeking participation. Look you need to comment back and answer people and that is how you arouse an interest in your brand.

Next up Twitter


Twitter is much more complex and affective than FB (of course not on all counts). So what you need to do is the following:

  1. Just like in Facebook here too you need to complete your profile. Of  course here you do not have much information to put but then it is essential for people to recognise your brand and also so that you claim your brand. Also just like Facebook here to you need to use the short urls. As a matter of fact it is paramount to use the urlshortners because of the word limit and also because Twitter too allows no trackback and follow ups.
  2. You also need to talk back and forth between with your users. The more you converse and bring them into your loop the greater they will be interested in your brand. Also you need to follow people who influence your industry or people who are talking about your industry, company or brand.
  3. The greatest advantages of Twitter over any other Social Media hub is that it is all about recency. People actually come up with the latest keywords that prove to be the Internet buzzwords and it is all about topical terms and ideas. And hence the marketers really need to be on the lookout of things here.
  4. Retweeting is also one of the most essential features while working on Twitter. If there is someone who is commenting some valuable (and also positive feedback) about you than you need to retweet it. The principle is give and take and so it is only good if you too return the favour and tweet some good things about them. This is what we call mutual promotion.

In the concluding part 3 of this series we will look at utilizing Goolge Plus and Blog to boost your digital presence.

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