In part one we went through the basic, in part two we saw how to get Facebook and Twitter working for you. In this concluding part we will see how to get the latest Social Tool Google Plus working for you. Also let’s have a look at how to get the oldest Social Tool, Blogs to work for your digital presence.


Now we come to Google Plus which is basically the hot topic of today (and will remain for some time to come).


It is one of the best examples of SEO and Social Media Integration. Google is directly lifting content from its Google Plus World.

  1. The first thing that you do here is to claim your brand. It will automatically rank higher than anything not part of Google Plus and give you whole lot of leverage not only on your SEO ranking but also returns.Of course you also need to figure out a strategy for your brand (which is not just valid to Google Plus but also other Social Media Channels). Because if you go on posting stuff on internet it might not go well with your customers or your image.
  2. Now what is actually happening in the Google Kingdom is that they are giving out spaces for more images and videosand especially those which are being shared by people in the Google Plus circles. Which means the more you share the greater is your Search Engine Ranking.
  3. Now the cool thing that you can do in Google Plus is to link externally. Google does not follow a no trackback policy when it comes to external ranking (though it is not true for internal). This is means direct value for your site (increase in the SEO ranking).
  4. So most importantly you need to try to get people involved as frequently as you can so that you rank higher and higher in the SEO ranking. And most importantly share videos and images.

Next is the Blog.


  1. Now if you are a marketer and you own a particular brand than you need to be on the lookout of those blogs and sites that are already talking about your industry or your product.You need to offer them information so that they can spread the word amongst their circle of influence. But you also have to make sure that when people click on your site link you also have something of quality to talk about at your own end. The more hits that your site gets the better the SEO ranking of your site.
  2. The advantage of a blog is also that it can be used parallel to the above mentioned Social Media hotspots such as Facebook, Twiiter, Goggle Plus etc. How, you link the blog and post it on any of this and people can get back to your blog for more information. As a matter of fact Blogs have always been sources of richer content and help a lot in leveraging to SEO rankings of your website.

To close it off:

Your Brand’s digital presence is a critical component of the entire brand value. Digital presence is not only made from these big hotshots social media sites. With time many new social media sites are coming up, which focus on specific niche audience like ‘Pinterest’ for picture based sites, ‘LinkedIn’ for the professional networking, etc. It is important that you discover such social sites which focus on your niche audience and include them in your digital presence campaign.    Remember the crux of all your social media strategy is : Always be present where your audience is.

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