Hi folks, today we are doing a three-part series on improving your brand presence through social efforts. In part one we are covering the basics of Collaborative search. Read on to get your digital presence going for you.


The Internet is now an old thing. Not because it literally is old but rather because it is that medium of communication to which we have adapted the fastest and most comfortably. Every day the Internet is evolving and no more does it surprise us since surprise has now become the expected.

One such evolving feature of the internet is the Integration between the Social Media and the Search Engine. The past few years on the Internet were ruled by the Search Engines (especially Google which undoubtedly is still on the top) but now the balance is shifting towards the Social Media. There is lot of speculation involved on which of them is better media of promotion but much more buzz is being caused about the full potential of the two of them when used together.

Now why is it really happening? Or what is causing this change in the whole Online Marketing scene? Well for one thing Social Media in itself is a nation of sort. Almost everybody owns and account either on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or any other Social Media site. Social Media is the place to be. Other than this most obvious fact both Social Media and Search Engine is about content and sharing that content. web-seo-services-social-media


Alright understood that there is a collaboration of a sort that is happening but what is one getting out of it.

  1. You are getting visibility.Or in the terms of Marketing your brand is being recognised by people.
  2. You are targeting people that you wish to. This was previously very difficult because to target you need to recognise the target group first. But with the coming of the Social Media the groups are not only pre-formed and recognisable but can be very easily targeted.
  3. Quite importantly you are getting a feedback.People themselves through the Social Media are interacting with you and your brand directly. This is a phenomenon has never been observed before. And even better marketers today not only have the opportunity to explore it but also exploit it.
  4. And the most fascinating aspect of it is that you use the Social Media not only to increase your Search Engine Ranking but also to give a definite shape to your marketing campaign, your brand and what not.

In this article we will be discussing the above in detail emphasising on the big Social Media hangouts that is the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Blogs.The reason for this is that each social media hotspot differently collaborates with different search engines.

  1. Basically what is really happening right now is that there is whole lot of content that is being created over the Internet but it is not being optimized to its full potential. And this content that is being created is especially on the sites mentioned above. To optimize or to make use of the marketers need to adapt to the changing online marketing scene and to work in accordance to get maximum returns.
  2. Before we talk about anything else first one needs to understand that it is all about Visibility. If there is anything that is helping you to be more visible and accessible over the internet than you need to make use of it. The collaboration between the Social Media and Search Engine is one such thing.
  3. Social Media Marketing has its returns. It is not difficult to know what people are talking about, uncover something cool, or get insight from your existing community over the net. And you can use that information to inform your marketers and keep them updated product reception and everything else. In the end of the day you won’t just have the hits and the likes to show rather you will have some real numbers in dollars.
  4. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that whole game is about the keywords aka the words that people type in the search engines. So you are basically using the Social Media to not only suggest the most current and apt keywords for your brand but you are also putting them in places so that people can discover, use it and get back to you.

In part two will cover how to work on your brand presence in Facebook and Twitter. Part three will cover Google Plus and Blog presence and the conclusion.

Part Two

Part Three


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