Link building is like sign post, pointing to your website. More signpost more likely is a customer to find you.Link Building services

Let’s go through a situation to get this better. You are new in town, how do you find the best place to eat? Definitely by asking the residents. Inquiring the locals would provide you with a wide variety of option and how do you finally choose the place to visit? You would obviously zero down on the place with maximum recommendations. So what was the clincher here – Recommendations! Right.

This is exactly what link building does for you. Link building is creating more and more Quality links that will be pointing to your site. Each major search engine is different but the Link Popularity of a particular site plays an important and critical role for determining what position that website will appear in the search engine results. So the more links pointing to your site the higher you rank on the search engine. And that translates into more customers finding your site.

Now as simple as link building sounds there is a catch to it. Only getting plethora of site’s pointing to your website doesn’t do the trick. When search engine’s are indexing your site, the number of links pointing to your site are graded based on two factors their relevance, and trust. And these two factors are what make or break your page rank.

Bottom line is: It’s not only the number of people (websites) who recommend you, its also the knowledge (quality) of those people that will drive you to choose one restaurant (website) over the other.

And why do you need link building:

1. Link building helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites to your website

2. High quality incoming links to your site from .edu, .gov, news organization and such other resources will make your website appear more valuable

3. Link building helps in creating awareness, visibility and credibility of your site

4. Your site obtains wider search engine exposure

5. It will help your website in getting indexed by search engines

5. It helps in creating genuine user traffic for your website which will translate into more revenues for you

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