SEO is so vast that the more you go deep into it the more deep you will find it and at the end you may get confuse thinking what really works in SEO; in my this post I am going to tell you some simple ways which if you follow you can out rank your competitors with bonus of lot of traffic to your website.

Design & Coding Guidelines: The First thing you need to do when you build a house is to look for the solid base; it’s same in SEO as well. You need to create a website which is light; code error free and it follows the basic coding & design guidelines; this is the prerequisite for successful SEO. You cannot build a multilevel building without having a solid base. Make sure you website is easily to crawl; you can read Google basic guidelines for this.

Unique content is king: Next comes in unique content; you must have heard this “Content is king” is SEO which held true even today; after panda update we just need to modify a bit by saying “Unique content is king”. This is the mantra for you if you want quick success for your venture publish as much unique content as you can. This helps in two ways, first Google will like to visit your website on regular basis to find new unique content which builds reputation and Google will start showing your results for log tail keywords. Second is when you write good quality unique content visitors tend to share it among their networks which will give you backlinks & reputation.

Keyword Research & Onpage: One you have lot of content in your site you not only need to focus on adding more but also you need to optimize the current content using keywords in title & by filling other meta details. Create a strategy on which keywords you want to target and start writing on those topics or topics related to that. You also need to interlink your pages so that your average time of site can go up and crawler can index maximum no of pages; give lot of importance to internal link building.

Link building: Till now you were busy with designing a beautiful building now it’s time to promote it as you are sure it’s very good and audience will like it if they come to know about it. So let’s start telling people about the beautiful work you did and this we will do with the help of link building. As you know there are many ways through which you can generate links for your website so you can start with some basic like directory submission, article submission; social bookmarking, blog commenting or forum posting. Using the right anchor text is very important while creating the links so use the keywords which you are targeting.

Social Media: Here what you can do is share your content on all the social networking sites and create a conversation about your product ask people to Google plus one your content and create profiles on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn tell people what your websites is up to; social media sharing is gaining its percentage in Google algorithm so don’t neglect it.

If you follow this pyramid you will get your online success you are looking for.

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