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Over last few years Google has changed its algorithms tremendously. Every change has made Webmasters groans, and most changes have brought on a deluge of complaints from webmasters and SEO’ers across the world. New Year new tricks. So let’s check out what are the SEO tips and tricks for 2013.


Your link building efforts need to be as diversified as possible. There was a time when ‘Social Bookmarking’ and ‘Directory’ link used to be enough to get ranked on Google. Today you need more. Ensure your inbound links are spread over different variety like these:

  • Articleseo tips seo tips seo tips
  • Forum links
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directories
  • Blog Comments



SEO Tip 2: GET REAL Anchor Text

seo tips and tricks seo tips and tricks seo tips and tricks

The era of building 80-90% links with Keyword right Anchor Text has gone by. Google has got sharper, and Anchor Text distribution counts in a big way. Over optimized anchor text with highly skewed keyword rich anchor text is very likely to get you a rap from Google. It is crucial that you spread your anchor text over following variety of words/ phrases:

  • Keywords (plumbers in London, London plumbers)
  • Niche related generic words (plumbers, plumber)
  • Company Name
  • Generic words (click here, my link)



Google is growing, but so are other search engines. Slowly Yahoo and Bing too are making a

seo techniques seo techniques seo techniques

comeback and making their presence felt in Search engines business. Make sure to diversify your traffic source. Look to rank higher on Yahoo as well as Bing. Google keeps changing its algorithm frequently, and as a webmaster you can try to keep up with Google but you never know when Google might turn the tables on you with any unexpected and unforeseen change. Make sure you exploit the potential of other Search Engines too. Do not depend only on Google for your livelihood.


SEO Tip 4: MOBILIZE Your Site

seo tips

Mobile browsing is growing and it is a trend that’s going to keep moving upwards in near future. From school kids to businesspersons every individual is mobile savvy, and the tendency to browse net via mobile while on move is increasing. Depending on your niche its crucial that you have a Mobile friendly website or a website dedicated  for Mobile users only on a immediate basis. As mobile search is set to surpass desktop search by 2014, this is your last chance to make sure your website is ready for the mobile age.


SEO Tip 5: SOCIALIZE Your Website

seo techniquesSocial Media Marketing (SMM) is the ‘in thing’. Its easier in some niches like ‘food, ecommerce’ etc and a challenge in some other niches like ‘industrial goods’  etc. However its here to stay so you better get a hang of it. SMM is not only about creating a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc etc.. page for your company and leaving it there. It’s about doing that and then some. SMM entails engaging with your users on these platforms, making sure you hear them and interact with them. Using these platforms to promote your brand and spread the word far and wide is how you can reap maximum benefits from this Marketing.  And most importantly SMM is crucial as Google has mentioned that it does take into account social signals to determine search rankings. Now that might get you moving 🙂

These 5 SEO tips will help you succeed in SEO in 2013. We will keep adding to this list. Do check in often. Hope you will make the use of these SEO Techniques. Thanks for reading; do leave your valuable comments.


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