What is Domain Authority – Domain authority tells about how a website will perform in search engine rankings. It tells about the strength of your website in comparison to other sites. And last but not the least Domain Authority tells you where your website stands in comparison to others . Domain authority is the combination of; links to root domain, moztrust, mozrank and total no of links to your website.

SEOmoz uses more than 150 Google ranking algorithms to define domain authority which finally results in; us getting a more or less accurate picture of how Google perceives our website.

How is Domain Authority Scored?

Domain authority is scored from 0 to 100 scale; higher the score the better it is.

Factors that go into calculating Domain authority –

  • Link Juice / Pagerank / Mozrank
  • Diversity of links to your website
  • Link generate ratio with timeline plus no of pages in a website
  • Distribution analysis – If you have 100 pages in your website you need to earn links for most of the pages & not only main 5-10 pages

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Domain authority measures the strength of the domain and Page authority tell you about the strength of each individual page.

To check the Domain and Page authority of websites, you can use the highly useful Mozbar tool. Download Mozbar from http://www.seomoz.org/seo-toolbar

How do I influence Domain Authority –


It’s difficult to influence the domain authority as its made up of many other factors like total links, moztrust, mozrank, page authority etc so in order to influence domain authority you will have to go backward and start working on all the parameters which comes influence domain authority.

What is Domain Trust

Domain Trust is influenced by the following factors :–

  • Who links to you – If you are being liked to by good websites with high Domain trust of their own you are going to reap the benefit too with higher Domain trust of your own. In case you have shoddy/untrustworthy sites linking to you, well then be prepared for having to bear the brunt of their dirty work, your domain trust will be affected negatively.
  • Who do you link to – Same rules as previous applies here too. If you link to high trust domains, well then you are more trustworthy. And if you are friends with the untrustworthy, and nefarious domains, then the bad neighborhood influence will encroach your domain too.
  • Registration information – Google is a registrar and it monitors all the “who is domain” information such as; who has registered the domain, how many domains, hosting & other related information to give domain trust.
  • User data signals – Google collects data through various mediums like web browser, analytic, webmaster & other third party relationships. All these data signals also play a important role in determining your domain trust.

Check out this video for more information on Domain authority & Domain Trust –