Penguin has been quite vicious in decimating websites, which have been caught in its web. While the effectiveness of Penguin’s web is being hotly debated, as many webmaster claim that their fully White hat website, which was adhering to Google Webmaster guidelines have been slaughtered, while others with black hat technique rank higher.

However in mid of all the brouhaha there are a few black hat techniques that have definitely been caught and punished. Doorway pages are one such technique, which has in news after the Penguin update. So let’s take a simple look at what exactly are Doorway pages.

Doorway pages basically refer to an underhand technique used by some websites to get more customers to their site. These are classified as ‘Black Hat SEO technique’; and are shunned upon by all search engines alike. Using Doorway pages can lead to the website getting penalised or at worst being banned by the Search engine.

All scaring done what exactly are Doorway pages?? Well

Doorway pages

As the name suggests these pages are meant to act as Doorways leading you the 1 main website. It is due to their this property of acting as Doorways, that these pages are sometimes also referred to as ‘Gateways’, or ‘Gateway pages’

How are these created?

  • Many different pages are created, and each of them has poorly written content. Now the purposes of this page is not to provide any real information, it is merely to lure customer on the pretext of providing the information customer is seeking and finally send them to the main website. Hence the poor content quality.
  • Many such pages are created. Then each page is optimized for a specific keyword/ keyphrase. This can be done using combination of On-page and Off-page SEO techniques. For On-page writing content keyword optimized content, and for then enhancing them using off-page link building techniques.
  • Now these pages are in place and began to rank high for their targeted keyword/keyphrase.
  • As the user searches for the particular keyword, he comes across this page, and from here he/she is funnelled off to the main website.


Why is it bad?

  • Such pages contain no real information and provide poor quality content to users thus frustrating them with lack of usability
  • These pages are misleading to the user browsing through them and are created with the intention of deceiving the search engine and user alike, by providing highly optimized content to search engine on the page ranked and then leading user to other website.
  • Such page violate Google Webmaster guidelines


  • Google can deindex/ sandbox the website
  • Google devalues the pagerank of the website

More information:

I am clean now:

In case your website has been caught and punished by Google for doing something that violates its Webmasters guidelines, then:

  • Review the website, its on-page and off-page SEO techniques
  • Detoxify
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Be sure you are clean
  • Then write back to Google saying so, and submit your site for reconsideration.

There are other theories that state that, Google might detect domain that’s transferred and used for different purposes very frequently, as Doorway pages. Also another instance of Google falsely identifying a website as Doorway pages can be if the content is changed too frequently. However both these theories are at present assumption, and nothing has come across to confirm them.

So now that you have a better idea of what are doorway pages, be sure to check if your Website is a victim of such pages, and get them set right. In case you require expert advice,  on tackling the penguin update you can drop us a line anytime.