What Are Sitemaps XML, HTML, ROR

Sitemap- XML, HTML, ROR

It will count a lot if you can have the most basic knowledge about sitemaps such as HTML, XML and ROR as well as other technicalities in maintaining a website. Although this is a specific job for site developers and administrators, having a clear idea can greatly help most especially if you own a website. Learning about these things can boost your search rankings and maximize your earnings.

What Are Sitemaps?

Basically, a sitemap refers to the pages list within a certain site which is made easily accessible to Internet users as well as search engines spiders. It can be presented in forms like web pages or simple text documents. The main purpose of a sitemap is to make things easier for crawlers and users to locate pages on a certain website.

For better understanding, it will be best to imagine that you own a website that consists of several web pages maybe 10 or more and a certain user would like to know about the history of your company. With sitemaps, it is no longer necessary to go through each web page because they can directly go to what they are looking for with the aid of sitemaps.

HTML Sitemap (Hyper Text Mark-up Language)

HTML sitemap is one of the technical terms that can be encountered in any website. This is actually utilized to organize or to arrange various section of the web pages contained in your site or blog with the use of hyperlinks. In essence, the pages are listed according to hierarchy and are often accompanied with descriptions.

XML Sitemap (Extensible Mark-up Language)

Another type of sitemap is the XML which sorts web pages through the domain name or URLs with the aid of a special format. The kind of language being used by this sitemap can be deciphered only by search engines. In fact, submitting an XML sitemap is the typical task of a web administrator or developer.

The Advantage of ROR (Resources for a Resource)

The truth is not all search engines work the same way. Hence, there can be contents that cannot be interpreted by some search engines. In order to come up with a format that all search engines could interpret; you can make use of ROR which is referred to as the magic which actually assists search engines so that the text will be scanned. ROR makes sitemaps universally understood by various search engines, making the process easier.

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