Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Training

List acquisition

  • Single Opt-In
  • Double Opt-In

List Hygiene at Acquisition Front
A/B Split Testing

  • Subject line Testing
  • From Line Testing
  • Layout/Colors/Format Testing
  • Email Length Testing
  • Offers/Discounts Testing
  • Sending Time Testing

Benefits of A/B Split Testing
Bounce Management
List Hygiene
Personalization of Emails
Email Surveys

  • Engaging Communications
  • Performance Insight
  • Trends Uncovered
  • Innovative Business Ideas
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Loyalty

Powerful Subject Line

  • Length
  • Personalization of Subject Lines
  • Special Characters/Words
  • Testing Subject Lines with A/B Splits
  • Use of Numbers and Urgency

Frequency of Emails
Best Time & Day to Send Your Email
Introduction to RFM
Email Designs through HTML
Email Marketing – The Future

  • Mobile Friendly Email Marketing
  • Video Streaming in the Email Inbox
  • Social Media Inbox Friendly
  • Integrating with Online Optimization Products
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