Use of Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Bing Analytics

Tools to Monitor- Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Bing Analytics

SEO makes use of plenty of tools and most of the most beneficial can be accessed through the search engines. This is because search engines wish to help webmasters come up with websites that contain accessible contents. Search engines offer different tools that can be of great help when it comes to guidance and analytics.

Google Webmaster Tool

This tool provides web developers with the necessary feedback about their site. So, if you own a website and you are into SEO you can use this tool for free just by following an easy sign up process. It can generate reports about the following:

  • Top keywords- Google Webmaster can provide information regarding the best search queries that can generate traffic to your site.
  • Spider errors- This is an important element since it can help you detect broken links or any error with your website links.
  • Backlinks- This tool is also helpful in monitoring the quantity of links that are heading to your web page. However, it must be noted that Google does not present all links.
  • Sitemaps- It can be used to submit sitemap for your URL which can hasten the crawling process.

About Google Analytics

This tool can be used to gather data on a regular basis. But then the reports are only refreshed after 24 hours. The main interface or the dashboard consists of a very potent reporting tool that can digest large blocks of data. The main parts of the dashboard include the following:

  • Data range- It shows the time this tool began gathering data.
  • Number of visits- it outlines the quantity of visitors per day.
  • Usage- It reflects number of pages viewed each visit etc.
  • Others such as traffic sources, overview of content and geographic overlay.

Bing Analytics

Bing Analytics works almost the same way as Google Webmaster as it lets you see your website’s performance in the search engine rankings. In order to start using this tool, you need to sign up and create a profile, and include an XML file to your web server or any form of meta code.

This tool can present you with essential information regarding your website such as the percentage of clicks, pages that have been crawled and indexed and other things like traffic summary. With this kind of tool, you can keep track of your website and make the necessary changes to keep your site in good standing.

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