How to Improve Page Rank

Metrics to Monitor – Traffic, Page Rank, Enquiries

Evaluating the efficiency and the effectiveness of your SEO ad campaign is vital so that you will be able to determine whether it is a success or a failure. With this, certain metrics can be used to ensure that you are doing the right job in keeping your websites fully optimized. So, if you are engaging in SEO activities it is important that you measure your site outcomes through metrics like traffic, page rank as well as enquiries.

Monitoring Web Traffic

Primarily, traffic monitoring is one vital task that you need to learn whether you are maximizing a new site or you are creating a new presence online. Traffic refers to the total number of repeat and first time visitors to your site. Basically, this metric is used to measure the decrease or increase of visits or enquiries to your website according to marketing tactics or modifications that you are conducting at a certain time.

There are a lot of tools that can be used to monitor traffic and one of the most reliable is Google Analytics. This tool serves as a simple but effective way to track traffic to your site. It can show the location of the visits, the keywords used as well as URL referrals, letting you track your links.

Monitoring Page Rank

Essentially, you can track the success of your site according to its rankings in search results. In SEO, you need to be on the high ranks so that you can generate the most number of visits. The page rank is a type of metric that provides measurement in a scale of zero to 10, making it easy to interpret.

It refers to an algorithm that is used by search engines such as Google to assess the relevance of various web pages according to the quantity of links to other web pages on the Internet. The idea behind this metricis to make the results more exact considering website connections.

In essence, an average site can perform well with a page rank equivalent to 5 or higher so having rankings that are above 5 can be really effective. So, if you can manage to achieve page ranking of 4 or maybe 5 then you must keep going to attain higher rankings despite the fact that it not the sole element needed to turn your site into commercial success. You also need to ensure that your site will obtain the top positions according to search engine results page.

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