How to Write Good Content

Guidelines to Writing Good Content

SEO writing is not about incorporating and arranging the keywords. As a webmaster it is highly important that you learn the art of writing current, catchy and relevant contents in order to magnet and retain clients or visitors. The truth is people do not just look at your contents because they read on it in the hope that they will get something valuable in return. Thus, meeting their expectations can be a great way to boost your site’s rankings.

Features of Good Content

Basically, good contents when it comes to SEO consist of three essential features namely:

  • Useful, entertaining and presented in a format that is suitable for human readers
  • Can amplify search engine rankings
  • Gets a lot of backlinks from various websites

If you will take a look at all the features, you will notice that the readers are on top of the consideration. This means that your site content must provide value to clients but this should be done in an interesting manner. This is mostly needed if you are into the niche market that has plenty of competitors. You need to stand out and convince the readers that you are worthy of their traffic. With this, it will be best if you strive hard to produce quality contents or hire someone who could accomplish this very important task.

Equip Your Titles with the Right Keyword

In essence, search engine crawlers look for the title first before anything else. Therefore, having a title with the keyword efficiently added can be most helpful in your content. But then, this does not mean that you must stuff your title with all the keywords that you could think of. It is only recommended to make use of the target keyword along with other terms.

Search engines will not recognize titles that only contain the keyword. For best outcomes, it is advised to make use of words such as “advice” or “tips”. Such words can make your audience figure out what the content of the article is.

Meta Description Must Be Keyword Friendly

Essentially, your description should only comprise of one to two sentences. It is highly important to wrap up your entire article into two sentences at most. You have to make sure that the keyword is on it once because keyword stuffing is no longer the thing these days. Search engines like Google can actually neglect garbage content so do not let your contents be put to waste.

Focus On the Body

It is of outmost importance that your content is original and of high quality. If you can meet up with these requirements you do not have to worry about search engine updates. Also, the length of the article should not be too long. In fact, you are good with articles consisting of at least 500 words. Once you are done with your content then you can proceed to developing backlinks. This is a very significant step that you should take because these can greatly contribute to your search rankings. One to two links to your contents can be a good way to start.

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