Google Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tools

Looking for the right keywords or key phrases that will enhance the traffic on your site can be a tedious task. But you can make things lighter by making use of keyword research tools that that will help you come up with words or group ideas that are relevant to your products or services. These will be most helpful in improving your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research Tool- Its Significance

Basically, keyword research tools can provide you with the best knowledge regarding keyword referrals and keyword demand. There are a lot of research sources online and here are some of the common examples:

  • AdWords Keyword Tool by Google
  • Microsoft Advertising Intelligence
  • Insight For Search by Google
  • Word tracker Free Basic Keyword Demand

Out of these choices, one of the best to use is the Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool because it can be of best help to beginners. This tool does not only provide calculated search volume and keywords but can also estimate the cost associated to running SEO campaigns for certain keywords or phrases.

In order to identify the search volume for a specific keyword then you must put the “match type” setting to “exact” and view results under “monthly searches”. However, it must be noted that the results reflect total searches and the actual quantity of visitors will depend on your click through and ranking.

Google AdWords- In Focus

Google AdWords is the most common keyword research tool in use these days. This tool is highly essential in order to:

  • Create ad groups– Themed ad that can be associated to your service or ad will be revealed using this tool.
  • Begin with big groups to smaller ones– This tool will let you play around with wide keywords until you narrow down your search to more specific keywords. Experimenting with broad keywords will lead to more ad ideas and keywords that will enhance your ad campaign.
  • Point out negative keywords– In actuality, there are words that are identified by keyword research tool that are not relevant to your business. These are what referred to as “negative keywords”. Having these identified will prevent your ad from displaying in not related queries.
  • Relevance– This keyword tool will let you scan websites that are associated with your contents. This in turn will provide you with a certain keyword list that will provide more traffic to your website.
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