How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your Website

How to Choose the Right Keyword

Choosing the right keyword for your SEO campaign should not be too complicated. You just need to put yourself in the place of the client and think what they would probably type as they perform search query. Having the right keyword is highly crucial to the success of your SEO campaign and your entire business. So, you must learn how to come up with the best keywords in order to boost you website.

Settle For One Word or More?

Using a single word as the keyword itself is effective but that was centuries ago. In these modern days, the World Wide Web is so filled with websites making it totally impossible to obtain the highest ratings using asingle word search string. Using two or three word search string is indeed more realistic.

For example, you own a website about food then it is almost a sin to optimize keywords such as “food” or “foods” because this will make search engine results broad and more general. Hence, instead of using singleword, you can opt for more specific keywords or phrases like “newest food recipes” “Italian food recipes” and many more that deals with the specific content of your website.

Guide in Constructing Keywords

In order to come up with the best keywords, it is highly advised to develop a chart so that you can pare down your selections. This will help you construct keywords that will work according to your specific needs. To help you out in doing this you need to look at the following:

  • Identify the value of the keywords- It is important to determine the keywords that are most associated with your website. So, if you are into selling computer software then using these words can be of outmost importance.
  • Identify traffic- You can do this by taking a look at the keywords that play a significant role to your business. After which, you can rank them according to their importance by taking a look at how many individuals type these into the search engines. Through this, you can definitely rule out which words are more valuable than others.
  • Determine conversion rate- Converting means having people follow your call to action. For example, they purchase your products or services. So, in the example computer software, the key phrases “computer software for sale” can be an essential keyword to use in the entire site to target people who are looking to buy computer software.
  • Determine competition- Most experts will tell you that it’s a good idea to target keyword with low competition. This is a must if you have a low budget.
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