Meta Tags – Title, Keywords, Description, No Index, No Follow, NOODP

Meta Tags – Title, Keywords, Description, No Index, No Follow, NOODP

In actuality, meta tags such as descriptions, keywords, titles can do so much to your site rankings most especially since algorithms change on a regular basis. All of these things can aid you in identifying where your site stands in the search ranking. This may sound old school but at times, sticking to the old methods of SEO and meta entry can be a good thing to your site’s rankings.

Definition- Meta tags

Basically, meta tags are utilized to wrap up all the information on a web page for the purpose of facilitating search engine spiders. The said information is not actually visible to your visitors. Some of the most popular meta tags are the meta description and meta keywords. These two can be placed in a certain area of your web page.

In the past, meta tags are one of the main tools for web masters to optimize websites due to the direct association of the meta tag keywords and search engine rankings. But over the years, this was overpowered by sophisticated search engine algorithms. However, knowledge about meta tags should not be neglected as these can serve as your basic and one of the most important knowledge about SEO.

About Meta Keywords

The most suitable application of meta keywords tag is to incorporate it in a list of keyword that is relevant to your web pages. Although most of the search engines will not take a closer look on this it is still a great opportunity for you to highlight the target keywords.

With this, you may actually think of adding alternative spellings which can be a misspelling of the keyword. This may have a little positive impact on the rankings of your website but why miss the opportunity?

The Role of Meta Description

Adding a meta tag description is one method to use if you wish to write a search engine friendly description for your website. This functions by leading search engines to the topics or themes relevant to your site. Major search engines such as Google make use of this meta tag to come up with a summary or lists of results. Hence, it is highly essential to have a well written description in order to attract massive traffic to your site.

Meta Title Tags

As important as meta description and meta keywords are meta title tags. It is highly important to come up with the most appropriate title so you need to think very carefully before you press the enter key. Try to come up with a meta tag title that is less than 20 words but is filled with all the necessary information including your primary keyword.

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