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Internet is going mobile. Be it blackberry, iPhone, Tablets, PDA’s or even the common mobile phone. The number of users accessing internet and websites from mobile is increasingly steadily. Mobile is becoming the one-stop-device for communicating as well as accessing information. Major brands have already developed mobile friendly version of their website and applications. Be it Google, or Facebook. Even major brand have already gone in for mobile version of their websites.

Mobile browsing is escalating steadily. And your current website may not b the best suited for access via mobile. Your website needs to be reconfigured and design specifically for access via mobile to make it more mobile friendly.

What if your competitor has a mobile friendly website and you don’t; imagine the number of customer you might be losing out on!!! Keeping up with the changing times and latest technology is indispensable. Mobile Website Design requires:

  • Usage of specific fonts
  • Creating a narrower layout
  • Specially designed user interface for mobile users
  • Careful selection of colour schemes
  • Minimizing scroll requirement
  • Ensuring less typing need
  • Optimizing graphics to improve their downloading speed

Web Seo Services offers mobile website designing services, which will ensure that your users get a great experience of your website even on mobile. Our mobile website designing team works by:

  • Conducting a sincere and streamlined analysis of your existing website
  • Identifying the most important content for mobile browser compatibility
  • Carefully selecting the important elements that need to show up first
  • Designing specific layout for mobile users
  • Developing a SEO friendly mobile website design
  • Optimized images used on website
  • Customization of Call To Action for your site visitors
  • Ensuring that your mobile website is accessible from all platforms, thus avoiding the need for cumbersome downloads and ensuring a hassle free experience for your users.
  • Mobile Browser compatibility to ensure that your website works fine on all handsets
  • Mobile website promotion

Just in case you are still wondering, here’s a way for you to double check if mobile website designing is the thing for you. If you have any of the below mentioned features, not only is mobile website right for you but it is essential for your business success:

  • You’re a new business
  • You want to stay ahead of your competitor
  • Your competitor already has a slick mobile website design
  • Mobile website is indispensable for you, if you website is frequently accessed by your users on the move
  • Corporate websites
  • Price information websites
  • Location details website
  • Contact details website
  • E-commerce website

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