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If you want to choose SEO as a career option or you want to know more about this field, you are at the right place… Go ahead, read below to get all your queries answered…

Question 1: Track back SEO


Let’s start with a bit of history, to get a better idea of how this field emerged. SEO is a fairly new field, roughly around 15-20 years old!!

Internet has grown enormously from its advent, as the reach of World Wide Web stretched so did its users. Search Engines made internet simpler for users and complicated for companies; because Search Engines made it important for every companies to be on top of the search engines results page. Till around the mid-90s, it was the job of the webmasters to optimize web sites so that they showed up high in the search engine results pages

Slowly the importance of being high up on the search engine results page started creeping upwards. And as its importance increased, so did the ideas associated with it. And these finally lead to the creation of a whole new field, christened the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Question 2: What is SEO?


SEO is what makes a website stand out amongst the hordes of others; and this is precisely why every business website needs SEO. The ultimate aim of SEO is to use all available tools and methods to make a website score high on the search engine results pages. The benefit that the website derives from higher scores is:

  • Maximize brand exposure
  • Increased visibility on search engines
  • More visitors to the website
  • More sales and increased revenue

SEO is what gets business websites the visitors, which finally translate into sales and then revenue.

Question 3: Where does SEO fits in company structure?



SEO basically gets customers to the business website. So in general you can group SEO under marketing services.

Question 4: Skill set required for SEO Analyst?


SEO is vast, and so are the skills it requires, its intriguing field at its best.

  • Excellent reading & writing skills,
  • HTML and related skills
  • Website designing knowledge

This is the basic list of skills you require to enter the field of SEO. However knowing these skills does not make you a SEO analyst. To become a real pro in this industry, you require these as well:

  • Eye for detail & thorough Business Analysis skills
  • Planning and strategy formulation skills
  • Excellent understanding of website visitors expectations and behaviour
  • Loads of patience, for the results to show
  • Strong ethics to ensure you do not succumb to unethical SEO practices, which in long run are disastrous.

A combination of the aforesaid two lists and you are all set to take the SEO world by storm.

Question 5: Future of SEO?


Internet has grown, and today it has spread out to become a Mass-medium. Statistics say;
Total search spend has risen from $15.6 billion in 2006 to $44.5 billion in 2011. That’s nearly triple the money in only five years.

What fuelling the growth of SEO industry:

  • Increased use of search engines. (more sites – nearly twice as many people use search engines to navigate to web as those who use bookmarks)
  • Direct marketers are increasingly adopting SEO
  • Large brand advertisers are using SEO actively
  • Growth in the number of local search request.
  • Improvised technology allows companies to aim their advertising to specific audience, who are really interested in their messages
  • Leaner and meaner Search Engines like Google are fast evolving and making demographic targeting and Geo targeting a solid reality.

In India the internet users are growing every passing day, and so are the numbers of businesses competing for these internet users attentions. So comparatively in India SEO is still in nascent stages. Join the bandwagon right away to reap future benefits.


Question 6: SEO is an Art/Science?


SEO is neither; it’s a tantalizing mixture of both science and art. And the balance between the two is very fine. A slight shift in that delicate balance can make or break your SEO career.

The science part of SEO deals with technology, with implementing the techniques, and all the technicalities of website, coding etc. While the art part deals with understanding the business, and its customers. Getting an insight in to the competitors head and chalking out a strategy that will leave the rest stunned.

Question 7: SEO as a Career?


I have already expounded on the ever changing nature of SEO. And for this reason you can be certain that the SEO field won’t look the same as today, 5-10 years down the line

Opportunities in this field are growing at a very fast pace. As more and more companies are becoming aware of the crucial role SEO plays the number of agencies offering SEO services is mushrooming fast.

Larger companies are opting for in-house SEO, but the end result being the same, every website is looking to procure SEO services for itself either internally or externally depending on its resources and expertise.

SEO has very bright future for you if you have great analytic skills, and you are dynamic. You need to keep up with the latest in the field, keep researching and be able to chisel out a mind-boggling strategy to beat your competitor, and have an edge over all others.


Question 8: SEO & Money Capers?


Sure SEO does earn you a lot. You can see the living proof of SEO Analyst’s success in form of names include, Jill Wahlen from High Rankings, Rand Fishkin from SEO Moz and many others.

SEO is a profession that offers freedom; you can either work for an organization, or start up your own venture. If you are working for an organization, with little experience you can easily expect an international salary of around 30,000$ p.a. With time and experience, earning 1, 00,000$ p.a is not unheard for a SEO Analyst.
And if you want to start your own venture then sky is the limit for earning with SEO.

Question 9: Does SEO add to my CV?


SEO might sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo to untrained ears, and you might be left wondering if it can actually add anything to your CV, or is it a complete waste of your time.

As I already mentioned SEO is a mix of arts and science, so if you come from the science side and have a really technical background, SEO can add a lot to your CV by making you get in tough with the more practical aspect of business. SEO helps you grow as a professional and learn new skills related to people management and strategy building.

In case you come from the art side, then SEO might look a little complicated to you due to the entire technical skill requirement, do not fret. The technical aspects of SEO are easy to learn and implement, and they will help you add to your technical knowledge, and hone your current knowledge and become an all rounder.

Question 10: What’s new in SEO?


SEO is always new, because it’s evolving every single day. This is a very dynamic field, which will keep you on your toes 24*7. SEO is the quintessential example of – ‘Change is the only constant’
Success on SEO is dependent significantly on the Search Engine’s since the whole idea is to optimize the website for them. Hence any changes in the Search Engine dynamics, immediately impacts the SEO community. Techniques used in SEO are continuously being refined and re-refined, some old ones are discarded, and few new ones are included. Bottom-line being that SEO never stagnates.

It’s a field for the learner, because in SEO learning never ends. There’s always something new, something better to learn and explore.

A good SEO analyst must evolve right along with the search engines.


SEO Training Options we offer:

Foundation SEO Course

Advance SEO Course

Masters SEO Course


Rs 5,900

Rs 15,000

Rs 18,000


8 hrs

20 hrs

25 hrs


Group discount available

Group discount available

Group discount available


Syllabus / Course Content

Click to see Foundation SEO Course content

Click to see Advance SEO Course content

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  • Training Module
  • SEO Tool list
  • Reference material
  • Training Module
  • SEO Tool list
  • Reference material
  • Training Module
  • SEO Tool list
  • Reference material
  • Pdf’s pertaining to related areas


Batch training of upto 5 students

  • Batch training of upto 5 students
  • Individual training also available
  • Individual training only
  • Live project provided to work on

Mode of training

At Web SEO Services office premises

  • At Web SEO Services office premises
  • Via Skype
  • At Web SEO Services office premises
  • Via Skype

Class timings

Weekday/Weekend Batch subject to number of students

Weekday/Weekend Batch subject to number of students

Weekday/Weekend Batch as per your convenience


Upto 3 months after completion of training

Upto 3 months after completion of training

Upto 6 months after completion of training

Which course is right for me?

Foundation course will familiarize you with SEO and allow you to make sure that the SEO agency you employ for your website is not fleecing you as you will be able to understand the SEO speak.

Advance course will teach you enough to get placed with a SEO agency and make a career in this field.

Masters course will equip you with enough knowledge and experience to implement SEO yourself for your own website.

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