SEO & Results

Question 1: How long does it normally take to show results?

Ranking on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing for a specific keyword is dependent on various factors like:

  • The amount of keywords being targeted,
  • The individual competitiveness of each keyword,
  • And your current site’s status.

Some keywords in specific niches are extremely competitive and take quite a while to start ranking well. Time for results to show truly depends on a lot of factors such as:

  • How long has your website been around
  • How well is your content written
  • Are you looking for local or national results

The easiest way is to get a website analysis. It’s completely free and shows you how your website currently stands and what it would take to rank it above your competitors.

In general, we are able to show strong ranking progress in about 3-6 months depending on the amount and competitiveness of keywords targeted, and assuming your site isn’t completely new or about to launch.

Question 2: What kind of results can I expect?

Right on the onset when we do a complete analysis for your website, we will provide you with an approximate time frame within which you should start seeing results. 

  • You will see your site ranking increase monthly for targeted keywords
  • Once you start ranking well, you should expect to receive an increased amount of search engine traffic on a monthly basis.

Our continuously on going analysis makes sure that we continue to target the right keywords which will bring you the most leads, sales, or any other measure of success. Our focus is positive ROI and better sales for you month on month basis

SEO & Web SEO Services

Question 1: Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee you excellent quality sustainable results. We don’t guarantee exact results; however we can guarantee that you will find increase in ranking for many of your keywords – often times much quicker than our stated time frame. Additionally we also guarantee you that if your set keywords have search volume, then once you begin to rank well your search engine traffic will begin to increase with your rankings month on month.

Question 2: How much does SEO cost?

Well, to determine that we would need more information,

  • Products/services do you sell
  • How the website is coded
  • What is the competition level for your business
  • How so do you need your website to rank

Having those few items defined makes it is far easier to determine what type of SEO package you need for your website, along with what type of ongoing expense is needed to ensure you get top rankings

SEO & Your website design

Question 1: Will design changes impact the results?

Yes they will. An all flash based website, requires much more rigorous SEO, and takes longer time to show results. Comparatively a CMS (content management system) based website can be quickly adjusted to SEO requirements and will show faster results. Your current site design may either help or hurt results. Major structural changes to the site are usually not necessary.

Take not that any aesthetic or graphical changes on your website, usually have no bearing on SEO. Usually we only work with elements connected to text, URL structure, and things in your HTML code.

Question 2: Does the size of your website matter?

Yes, to some degree it does but not as much as it used to. Years ago, websites that had over 100 pages tended to rank better than websites with less than 100. In modern SEO, the quality of your content has more of a reflection on your rankings than does the quantity of the pages on your website.

SEO & Reports

Question 1: Can I see reports on my visitors?

We will send you monthly an in-depth report containing ranking progress on all keywords and a traffic report from all search engines. The data will be analyzed and presented in easy to understand format. The aim of these reports is to maintain transparency of operations and illustrate your ROI and bottom line increases as a result of SEO.


Question 1: What is SEO?


Over years SEO has evolved. It stared out as being a simple relatively clear road-map of what needed to be done to boost a website to the top rankings; the evolution has brought it a long way and today it’s more like a Treasure map.

Today we have an X in form of where to reach- that’s taking you to top rank. But the way to reaching that X is hardly defined, and moreover even the landmarks are so few that getting lost is quite easy.

Question 2: Is it really possible to submit my website to 1000 search engines at the same time?

Sure it is; nothing is impossible right. In case you are expecting quality and real results out of this then NO that’s not possible. Not right now at any rate. Maybe future technological advances will make such miracles a thing of reality. Today the numerous advertisements you come across offering you to do 1000 submission for very few rupees are pure Spasms.

These companies have automated scripts that submit your site for you. Then end result is a load of spamming done by them in the name of your website, with the additional disadvantage that you have no way to check whether they really did or did not submit your website. If you really luck it out and these companies have even submitted your website, do not forget that there is no guarantee you will be listed.

Save your website from such spammers, and invest in some more reliable methods, which will provide you sustainable results

Question 3: When should I stop optimizing?

Now that’s a question with a very simple answer – NEVER. SEO is an amazing online marketing tool and its evolving daily and every single minute. Do you stop advertising ever? Or do you stop improvising your product ever? The answer is No. Similarly you can not afford to stop optimizing ever.

Yes definitely over time your website will need less optimizing, and more maintenance. It will be more and more about tweaking things to make them perfect. But the process is never ending, because all the factors in online world keep changing at lightening pace. You have to keep up with the changing times or your website will become redundant.

If you stop optimizing your on-site content or stop link building for your site, your rankings will drop. Often this drop is significant, and then you need to start building back again from step 1.

Question 4: We are already leader in our industry. Why do we need SEO?

It’s great to hear that you are already the leader in your industry. Congratulations. Just 1 question, is your website too a leader in your industry? Does it rank right at number 1 place on search engine results page (SERP)? If the answer is No then, comes the question why is it so?

The answer lies in the fact that search engines are machines and they do not recognize that you are the market leader, or how big your company actually is. The only way the search engine will acknowledge your existence, and discover your potential is when you show the same to it. Search Engine Optimization is about speaking to the search engines in the language they understand, and making them aware of your presence and importance, so that they discover your web site and thus position it well in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages)

This theory applies to each and every website, be it large or small. Even if you are a small brand, but your quality of product/service is excellent, then customers will flock to you. And via SEO we will make sure that Search engines acknowledge and reward your popularity amongst your customers. Even small businesses can achieve top rankings in powerful engines such as Google, beating even their worldwide competitors. It’s just the matter of implementing some serious SEO program.

SEO & Ranking

Question 1: Why does my Web site not rank very well in the search engines?

Now this is a tricky question. Because there are ‘n’ number of factors that can affect your website ranking. To name a few:

  1. Disproportionate distribution of content and graphics
  2. Not using the ALT tag content in your graphic links.
  3. Incorrect or no usage of the TITLE tag
  4. Spamming by using too many keywords in same page
  5. Very small website, with too few pages
  6. Poor content in from of very few words per page  
  7. Very few/ No in-bound links

Getting your site ranked well on search engines is the job of SEO, and it’s a judicious mix of art and science, because the factors are constantly changing. Generally speaking; If your website, is not getting good ranking on Google then the cause can be not enough/ poor quality SEO. Engage a SEO expert who will work with you to help you achieve your desired ranking.  

Question 2: How long does it take to get indexed by Google?

A website that has been properly worked upon by a SEO expert will get indexed by Google and other major search engines within days or weeks. However, beware that poor quality/ no SEO at all can land you with poor or no SERP rank at all.

Question 3: Why do my rankings drop or change?

A very valid question. You have spent so much on the so called SEO experts, and you even achieved your promised rankings, but now they have disappeared and you find yourself, lower than your target. It’s tremendously frustrating we understand to see even a single ranking drop. Multiple drops seem like a disaster.

But sadly that’s how SEO works. There are numerous variable at work simultaneously, ranging from the ‘algorithm of search engines’ to the ‘SEO your competitor is doing‘. Few common causes are listed below:

  • Use of Black Hat Methods:
    This will usually result in an all out ban.
  • Your competition:
    Your competition’s site and SEO efforts will impact its own and your ranking too.
  • Change in content:
    Sometime new content addition can also lead to rank drop. This can happen if the new content is spammy, or had any adult words, or commonly used words.
  • Flux State:
    Search Engine Results page are in constant change of flux. You need to be patient and verify if the drop in ranking in real or just due to the flux.
  • Broken Links:
    Links need to be overhauled just like a car. In case they are not checked time to time, broken links get accumulated to your site. This can cause major drop in your ranking.
Question 4: Why does it take so long for my ranking to change?
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