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What is Social Bookmarking Services :

 Social bookmarking is very popular tool available to Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. In traditional bookmarking, you may bookmark a page on your computer, which you wish to visit on later date. Social bookmarking works similarly, with the difference being that your bookmarks are available online for the user to access from anywhere anytime. Also the user can easily share these bookmarks with his select friends or the world in general.

Visitors to social bookmarking sites can search for bookmarks by keyword, person, or popularity and see the public bookmarks. Social bookmarking has become one of the most indispensable tools in the hands of internet marketers.

When third person bookmark your website, it means you are great and in this way he is telling to others!

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Submission Services:

  • Faster Indexing: Google bot index these community web sites very fast, some sites are indexed every 15 to 20 minutes, So when your link is submitted in these social sites and they get indexed very fast. This makes it a great way to get a new page or a new blog post on your site indexed in the search engines quickly
  • Mini Search Engines: Social Bookmarking sites function as mini search engines and are frequented by numerous people actively seeking useful and relevant information. Being present on these sites helps you get in touch with a large pool of active and interesting people, such as bloggers, news gatherers, online publishers and potential customers too
  • Get republished: If other members like your web site/ blog/article/viral etc, these members will surely publish your content along with your URL in their own forums, blogs and websites. This will help you build many free natural one way links!
  • Be Social: Having web site in social communities provides more importance to your website, Google and other search engines consider your website as important, So you get natural advantage of weight-age and rankings in Google.
  • More the merrier: The more people bookmark your website, more organic traffic you get.
  • Visibility: Social media sites have become one of the most visited sites on the web your presence here opens up significant potential in terms of getting coverage as well as business and also receiving visitors from these social sites
  • Keyword Tagging: Most social bookmarking sites allow tag creation; where your target keywords are listed and these can help you in getting higher ranking for these keywords
  • Direct Traffic: You starting getting traffic at the same time when the site got submitted, when we submit your link, it remains on the home page for some time in many of these sites and you get lot of Direct Traffic, However this traffic keeps decreasing day by day!
  • Brand Exposure: Social Bookmarking entails massive brand exposure at minimal cost and time

How does Social Bookmarking Services Work:

  • A link (URL) of your website/ blog/ article/ video/ etc is submitted to a Social networking site.
  • As soon as think link is listed, it remain on 1st page for some time, providing you with innumerable direct traffic
  • If these visitors find your link interesting & useful, they bookmark it themselves, thus building your link’s popularity and credibility. This will also lead to your link receiving clicks from several online users
  • Many of these visitors will publish your link, on their blog/websites / forum’s; this will provide you with the invaluable one-way back-links
  • All these back-links improve your search engine standing, and Google awards you higher weight-age for gaining public acceptance; by improving your SERP’s

More and more internet users are using social bookmarking sites as search engines. They just simply go to any Social Bookmarking site, choose the right category or tag that matches their interest, and find the most popular websites in that category. Getting your link listed under the right category can help its popularity tremendously.

What we Provide in our Social Bookmarking Services:

  • Our Social Bookmarking Services experts will provide you interesting and useful content for your blog/article etc. This interesting content will help you travel far whereas generic, repetitive information will take you nowhere.
  • We offers smart social bookmarking services which deliver biggest bang for your buck. Providing you with highest quality at low cost
  • Our Social Bookmarking Services experts do completely manual and professional social bookmarking. Our aim is to generate both traffic and backlinks at the same time for your link
  • Our experts handle the job of Social Bookmarking Services for you, thus freeing your time and resources to apply it to some other important tasks
  • We provide regular updates reports for you to monitor the performance of the links submitted by us to social bookmarking sites.

Please contact us for Social Bookmarking Service Plans. You will get a Dedicated Social Bookmarking Services Manager who will interact with you and will provide all the work.

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