Difference between Dynamic URLs vs. Static URLs

Static vs Dynamic URL

When you create blogs or websites, you can actually have dynamic URL by default. However, it must be known that dynamic URLs are not friendly to both users and the search engines. Due to this, it is highly important that web masters deal with these dynamic URLs properly by changing these to static URLs. But why is this necessary and will it make any difference to your SEO ad campaign?

Difference between Dynamic and Static URL

Basically, a static URL presents web pages that can always remain as is. These websites cannot be customized according to various users so it does not offer customization options. So, each visitor to the site will view the same information on the web pages.

On the other hand, dynamic URLs lead to dynamic web pages that can undergo changes according to user. It can be personalized or updated on a regular basis. The changes can be conducted automatically through databases requiring no human input. The dynamic websites can present latest information and these typically work with database and cookies.

Dynamic URL- The Risk

The dynamic contents on a website can present huge challenges most especially when it comes to search engines. The thing is search engines avoid crawling and indexing websites with dynamic URL. Also, search engine crawlers do not perform indexing on Flash or Java content which is common to dynamic websites. Although these things may sound complicated, expert web masters can definitely perform ways to get out of these obstacles.

What to Do?

In order to eliminate the problem, you need convert dynamic URLs into static URLs. Essentially, static URLs do not contain stop characters such (“?”, “&” “=”) making your site URL appear neat to the search engine crawlers. Making use of static sites will help search engine spiders perform indexing in a faster and more efficient manner. Most importantly, having static URL will give you full freedom about your script and layout.

Other solutions include using robots.txt in order to prevent search engine bots from performing activities such as making a search. By doing this, you can prevent spiders from going into the random link. If you are using Apache as you server then you can use rewrite script for URL which can make a dynamic URL appear like static.

Lastly, using cookies as well as sitemaps can ensure that you web contents will be searched, crawled and indexed by search engines accordingly.

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