How Does Duplicate Content Affect Rankings

Content Don’ts -Duplicate, Spam

Knowing what a good SEO content should have is vital but it is also important to know what your contents should not contain. In essence, not all contents are helpful and these can be things like spam, duplicate contents as well as fillers. These things are considered as SEO killers so you must exert an effort to avoid these elements so that you can always have your readers reading along your sites. Also, search engines have a way to detect such bad contents which may greatly affect your page rankings in a negative way.

Duplicate Content- How It Affects Your Site

Duplicate content can turn your site into a total failure. In fact, even duplicate contents that have been legally captured like texts thatare linked from feeds as well as massive and numerous quotes can decrease the SEO quality of your content.

Obviously, clients will not care to waste time to read on contents that are practically a verbatim of other websites’ contents. When this continues, the page ranking will eventually decline unless you make an effort to put some original and quality content.

Large blocks of copied information on your site can be considered as spam so you need to take action to recover from your mistake. You can remedy the situation by developing fresh contents that are valuable. It is also important to write with a goal or purpose in mind. In this way, you will be able to produce relevant content.

So, if you are selling a certain product then sell it through writing. In case that you have something to say that is somehow unrelated to the topic then what you can do is to compose another text and link it to the initial article in case there is association. It will not help to confuse your readers so this is the best thing to do.

Say No to Fillers

Human readers can be distracted with contents that are full of fillers. These can be described as the unnecessary words that are not of importance to the meaning of a phrase or the entire content. Example of fillers can be phrases like “the cheapest ever” or “the ultimate solution”. As much as possible, be clear and make use of concise writings that entail full meanings.

Human readers can avoid these fluffs and search engines turn down sites with lots of fillers so it is best to scan your contents and remove these things.

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