Top SEO Myths

SEO Myths

Using SEO techniques to optimize your business website can be the most sensible thing to do as an online marketer. However, you must understand that SEO is not just a word but a big term consisting of concepts, ideas, techniques as well as processes in order to achieve higher online visibility. While all of these are true it is also important to deal with the most common issues or myths about SEO.

Myth 1- Page Rank is Permanent

It is true that increasing the quantity of backlinks to your website can significantly increase your page rank. An increase in link popularity due to creating links can increase your page rank. It is an association that cannot be ignored by all web masters. Although it is not the sole factor in determining SEO success, majority still depend on this as a strong indicator of the website popularity.

But the big question is, are page rankings permanent? Well, the truth is no. It is not absolute that your page rank can be permanent most especially if you buy backlinks. It is possible that your website will fall in search rankings once your links expired. So, a better option is to generate organic links in order to increase your chances of gaining more viable page rankings.

Myth 2- High Page Rank Is Equal to Good Results

No. The thing is page rank is just among the many ranking factors used by search engines such as Google. The fact is it is common for web pages that have lower page rank to obtain higher ranking in search results compared to web pages with higher PR. Page rank is only a visible meter of how search engines see your page.

Myth 3- Link Building is Not Required Forever

This is the biggest misconception when it comes to SEO since link building is one of the key elements when it comes to effective SEO. This is a process that needs continuous attention and hard work. Although link building is not the most exciting SEO activity it is definitely one of the most essential tasks for all online marketers.

Myth 4- SEO Can Penalize My Website

In actuality, SEO is not responsible for penalizing websites. The fact is, the search engines are the ones who have the right to penalize sites that have performed bad SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing. Hence, it is recommended to always stick to good SEO strategies in order to avoid getting your site penalized.

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