Nature of Links

Types of Links – Natural, Paid, Social

Link building is very important to enhance your business website’s visibility which will bring potential clients and visitors to your site leading to effective branding. With this, it will be most helpful to learn about the different types of links such as: natural, paid and social so that you will know how to make the most out of these links for a more effective SEO campaign.

Natural or Organic Links

It is highly important to exert effort to build backlinks to your site in order to have higher search rankings. But then, it will be most helpful if the links are natural as they weigh more than unnatural ones. So, you need to learn what these links are and how you will be able to get such links.

Search engines like Google see organic links as the ones that are obtained through developing quality content on your blog or website, attracting users to use place a backlink to the site. This can be obtained by publishing your site that can generate massive traffic. Here are elements of the natural links:

  • Natural or organic links come from relevant pages.
  • Natural links are not only used to stem out to the homepage of a website but they can point out to deeper pages.
  • Natural links are not mutual because if you engage in link exchange then all your efforts will be put to waste since search engines can easily identify link exchanges.

What about Paid Links?

In actuality, paid links are getting highly popular to most SEO experts these days. This is due to the fact that they can yield faster and higher returns and they can be a great starting point for beginners who wish to enhance their SEO ad campaign.

Paid links can have disadvantages like having to spend around $500 to $1000 in order to acquire about 20- 30 links which can provide you with desirable page rank values. However, if you will come to think of it, making use of paid links is far more beneficial because you are in control of your links. You have the freedom to choose where these links would be found or where your web page will be placed on a specific website.

Paid links are great solutions but you need to make sure that you purchase links from trusted sites that sell links.

Social Links for SEO Marketing

Social links are rapidly becoming an essential element for any SEO campaign technique. This can be a great thing since quality social links can let the business owners know what products they like and what they don’t like. With this, companies and other businesses can cater according to targets through implementing marketing modifications.

Social links can involve social media “likes” on a certain web page and may also vary to connections to other essential content or web communities. Hence, using social media to boost your SEO campaigns can make a lot of difference as long as you know how to differentiate quality social links to those that does not make sense at all.

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