Importance of an Anchor Text

What’s an Anchor Text

Obtaining backlinks from blogs and websites is not all you need to do to have better search rankings. It is also essential to ensure that you have quality anchor text because it is a highly important element in building links. Anchor text presents the page text through a hyperlink and usually appears as underlined or in blue. You may have the most valuable backlinks to support your SEO campaign but if you lack understanding of the anchor text of a certain link then your efforts may be put to waste.

What is an Anchor Text?

Anchor text plays a significant role in link building but what is anchor text all about? Basically, an anchor text appears when a specific link combines keyword into the hyperlink text. In fact, the anchor text of a certain link can be the most potent ammunition any SEO expert can have.

The backlinks coming from several websites with anchor texts such as “cheap air beds” can be of great help for the same keyword. Thus, utilizing your keyword or your key phrases is the best thing to do in order to utilize a hyperlink rather than using the terms “click here” which is not relevant to your website at all.

What about Anchor Text Analysis Tool?

In essence, there is a tool that can help you analyze the backlink anchor text. This tool is an instrument that will help you search for backlinks as well as the words or terms that is being utilized to your site. So, in case that you realized that your website is linked from or to other website but the anchor text is not used properly then you must take action to modify your anchor text into something that will include the associated keywords or terms. This simple action can actually help to increase your ranking which is very important in SEO.

Things to Remember

There are certain things that you need to put in mind whether you are using a backlink tool or you are into link building by yourself. Primarily, you need to make sure that your anchor text varies. Also, it is advised not to use the same terms as anchor text if you are linking your site to social media websites, blog directories and others. The thing is if several links are leading to a certain web page containing the relevant keywords in the anchor text, it will have the highest traffic possible leading to enhanced search rankings.

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