Bad Black Hat SEO – Keyword Stuffing, Spam Content, Link Farm

Bad SEO – Keyword Stuffing, Spam Content, Link Farm

Search engine optimization is a very delicate but powerful marketing effort that almost all webmasters use these days to boost website rankings. However, there are some who are murdering this craft by employing bad tactics just to market their sites. But then, these bad practices cannot escape search engines so it is highly important to practice good SEO. In order to make this happen, you need to know the things that give SEO a bad reputation.

About Keyword Stuffing

Essentially, filling your contents with keywords or forcing as many keywords as possible to your content is not a good practice. Despite the fact that contents should contain keywords, it is not necessary to cram your web pages with too many keywords.

Making use of one or two keywords and placing them in moderation all throughout your content sounds organic. Littering your work with unnecessary keywords or phrases will not do any good despite the belief that doing this can improve page ranking.

In fact, it can turn things from bad to worse because search engines can scan into these contents and transform it to a total mess. This simply means that people who come across the site will not read any further because the entire content is hard to read which destroys all your efforts.

Spam in Search Engines

In actuality, there will always be spam as long as there are search engines. This practice involves developing web pages and schemes to boost rankings in an artificial way as well as to abuse the algorithms being used by search engines to organize content.

Manipulating search engine results through spammy activities is very prevalent in the web these days but these are definitely not worth it for many reasons. Primarily, it is not worth all the effort since search engines can fight this type of content. Hence, there is no sense in investing time, effort and money into a work that will be thrown into waste.

Link Farms- Bad Idea

In the past, when search engines are not as sophisticated as they are now, the popularity of a website is measured through incoming links. The concept behind this is that if a great number of sites link to your site, then your site should be on top of the results.

However, some webmasters have employed nasty tactics such as generating link farms which are nothing but a huge collection of useless backlinks in order to make their sites more popular. This practice is pointless and not recommended at all to honest and reputable webmasters.

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