What Is Long Tail and Short Tail Keyword

Long Term vs. Single Term Keyword

An effective SEO campaign starts with what people type into the search box. Hence, it is highly important to perform keyword research and determine the great difference between a single or one word keyword and a long tail keyword. You must remember that your goal is not always about getting people go to your site but is more about having the right type of visitors for higher conversion or sales.

Short Tail or Long Tail Keyword

The popularity and demand for single work keyword is a thing of the past. Search engines have become more sophisticated so a single keyword like “bed” or “beds” will not even pass as an acceptable keyword for an SEO campaign. Even if you are into the furniture industry and you are selling the most wonderful beds, using any of these keywords will not do any good.

What is in use today are long tail keywords or key phrase that usually consists of 3 to 4 words and even more. This type of keyword is more specific and can attract the right audience depending on your aim.

Learning About Long Tail Keyword

It will be helpful to think whether the keywords “bed” or “beds” can bring your website to the top rank. This keyword can be so generic and so broad that anyone who types it may not be interested in buying a bed at all. Of course, the word “bed” can be a wonderful addition to your keyword since it can generate countless of searches each day.

But then, you must know that these popular searches only comprise about 30% of all the web searches. The rest of the searches, which is about 70%, lie on long tail keyword search. These long tail keywords comprise millions of distinct web searches that might be performed several times each day but when combined together can come up with the majority of the demand for data through the search engines.

So, in order to convert more it is highly important that online marketers learn how to generate long tail keywords. This is due to the fact that a long tail keyword can catch more people and it converts better. For instance, using “bed” as a keyword may not meet your goals since people typing that word may not be actually buying. On the other hand, if you make use of keywords such as “cheap air beds” then you may attract visitors that are ready to spend money for your product.

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