What Is On-Page Optimization

Where to Place Keywords – URL, File Name, H1, Page Title, Headings

Keywords are essential to your SEO campaign so you have to focus on quantity and quality. Hence, you need to make sure that your keywords are placed in proper places such as headings, page title and URL. The thing is these sections count more and are obviously more important than other texts on a certain page. Hence, you need to learn how to place keywords properly so that you can increase your rankings.

File Name and URL

Basically, if you will put your keyword in the URL or the domain name then you can definitely boost your site rankings. Essentially, the URL tells everything about your site without the need for explanation. Therefore, if your site is about “wedding rings” then you will have these words in your URL.

But if your business is about customized wedding rings then it will be more sensible to have “customweddingrings.net” as the name of your site rather than “wedding-rings.org”. This is due to the fact that you have atleast two of the main keywords in the domain name. With this, you need to be creative with your keywords and the domain name itself.

Page Title

Placing the keyword in the page title is another important factor since the contents of the title typically get recognized by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. It is not required to include something in the title tag because you can have it blank and it will actually appear as “untitled document” or something like that. However, for the purpose of your SEO campaign, it is best to write something in the page title.

Not like with domain name, the page title can accommodate more words. So, considering the example http:// customweddingrings.net, you can make use of titles such as “Custom Wedding Rings- Wearing Unique Rings On Your Wedding Day” or “Everything You Have To Know About Customizing Wedding Rings”.


Basically, headings are like subtitles because they are used to introduce subtopics. It may be unusual for an ordinary text to have plenty of subheadings but for SEO purposes, having as many headings as you can come up with can be most helpful most particularly if they include the keywords.

In essence, there are no limits to the length of the headings that you will use. However, it is recommended to have 7 or less words most especially for the Heading1 or H1 so that the page readability will be better.

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