Concept Behind Page Rank and Link Juice

What Is Page Rank and Link Juice

Major search engines such as Google have sophisticated algorithms to ensure that their users will get the most accurate search result once they type in their search query. These search engines present the most relevant and the best selection to the search words or phrases. Search engines such as Google have their own methods to determine authority and relevance and the most common are page rank and link juice. These two elements serve as the background of effective SEO so they are worth a look.

Learning about Page Rank

Essentially, good contents should always be relevant so that it can be used as a SEO tool. This can be determined through page rank which is just one of the many ways to identify the authority or links as well as the relevance of web pages.

Typically, page rank or PR bars consists of zero which is the lowest up to 10 which is the highest rank. But then, it is important to understand that the values of page rank do not reflect numbers from 0-10 but these just serves as floating numbers calculated using a logarithmic scale. Search engines compute web pages’ page ranks on a regular basis but the updates can be viewed once a month so there can be a little bit of delay.

How It Functions?

If you are wondering how it works then it is essential to know that search engines monitor links or votes as well as the other elements associated to the web page that garners the vote. In essence, the quality and relevance of the inbound links are essential factors the same thing with page rank, authority sites, link texts as well as the web pages that generate the votes.

Here are some important things to consider when it comes to page rank and link juice:

  • All links are different considering PR which is also relevant to various aspects such as the quantity of links during the sending of PR.
  • The popularity of rankings depends on the relevance of backlinks as well as the age of the website.
  • Essentially, if you own a page with a PR8 with one link it will acquire an acceptable PR value compared to what it will get if it has 100 links on it.
  • Page rank does not perform site ranking on the entirety but it ranks web pages separately so that every web page possesses a unique rank.
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