What Is Robots.txt


Managing your website and making sure all the contents are handled accordingly is very important for SEO. One great way to manage your web pages is to make use of robots or meta robots. This tag is specifically used to mark pages that you do not want to be indexed or crawled by the search engines. This is helpful if you wish to keep contents but you do not want search engines to perform indexing on them. In order to do this, you can utilize meta robot tags or to make use of the robot.txt file in order to prevent some contents from being indexed.

Understanding the Concept

For fuller understanding of the benefits of using robot.txt file then knowing the definitions of things such as crawling, robots and robot.txt file is important.

Basically, crawling refers to the process being performed by search engines to read your site and its directory while robot is a software agent that goes to your site to access the robot.txt file and proceed to read the entire document. Most importantly, the robots.txt file is a type of file that contains the commands to permit or prevent robots from accessing certain directories.

Robots.txt File – Its Significance

Essentially, when you create a website it is highly important to possess robots.txt file in order to command spiders or crawlers as well as robots to your site. If you do not have this in your possession, search engines will crawl at all the directories of your site.

Your website may contain high quality as well as poor quality pages. In case you do not have robot.txt file then anyone looking at your site will be able to see not only the good pages but the inferior quality pages as well. Thus, it is highly advisable to use robot.txt file to preserve the integrity of your site.


This example tells all robots to visit all files because the wildcard * specifies all robots:

User-agent: *


This example tells all robots to stay out of a website:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

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