What is Really Simple Syndication

What is RSS Feed- How to Do It and Its Benefits

You may have encountered the orange RSS icon as you are browsing the Internet and wonder what it is all about. But for web masters, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which is an excellent way to provide quality contents to online users. This works by bringing the contents to the user instead of the other way around. So, it is a must to learn about this tool if you are into SEO.

Learning about RSS Feed

Basically, RSS feeds function by syndicating online contents. So, if you click on the orange icon consisting of quarter circles and dots then you will be directed to a list of outputs of that particular website. These may be contents like articles, blogs as well as podcasts.

RSS feeds are not only applicable for viewing website’s outputs as they can be used by other programs and services as well. Hence, if you are an RSS user then you can actually come up with one-stop-shop software containing all the news, articles and all relevant contents regarding your favorite websites.

How Can You Benefit From RSS Feeds?

Typically, website owners regularly create fresh contents each day. These contents are meant for the users so if they liked the content and you made it clear that you own an RSS feed then the user may opt to include it in their software or you have the option to install it manually for your reader.

With this, each time you post new contents, these readers that are subscribed to your RSS feeds can read all your articles. This can be of great advantage not only to you but your readers as well. The truth is most readers will not bother to check on your site each day to look for something new. Thus, having RSS feeds can increase the chances that users will visit your website.

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