Bad Neighborhood in Link Building

What Is Bad Neighborhood?

Having quality backlinks should always be your priority if you are thinking about the best SEO strategy to implement. Good links can definitely spell the difference between success and failure so what you should do in order to avoid “bad neighborhoods”?

What about Bad Neighborhoods?

There are a lot of webmasters, particularly those that are not knowledgeable in SEO, that can’t distinguish a good from a bad neighborhood. This should not be the case since you also need to take care of your reputation if you want to succeed in SEO.

What are bad neighborhoods? Basically, these are websites that possess illegitimate contents or such sites which contents are not original. Bad neighborhoods can also refer to sites that exercise banned activities so these are usually regarded as bad sources of links by search engines like Google. These can affect your links and your site negatively since these have spam domains and utilize techniques that manipulate the rankings in a way not approved by search engines.

Can It Directly Destroy Your Reputation?

Now, you may be curious whether these sites can damage your reputation if these are connected to your site. Well, the answer is no. However, search engines will discover that you are not in tight control of who links to your site. With this, it is very important to closely watch your blog comments to ensure that you do not posts on sites that are considered to be bad neighborhood. All the links to your website are considered as your responsibility so you need to be very careful when approving links.

How to Avoid Bad Neighborhoods?

In case you realize that you have a great number of bad links then you must strive harder to obtain high quality backlinks to even out the situation. Basically, you may attempt to get in touch with the bad sites and make a request to erase your links on their websites. However, it is actually far better to spend your time building quality links rather than removing the bad ones.

Also, you can place more emphasis on obtaining stronger links from sites that have a page rank above 5. Your constant effort to come up with the highest quality links to your site will eliminate all the negative effects that you have incurred with linking to bad neighbors.

Therefore, watching over the progress as well as link sources are an excellent habit if you wish to avoid offending links and get higher search rankings.

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